Pitch concept for Starling Verification, a satellite forest monitoring service provided by Airbus. The web app service is designed to help corporations measure their impact on the planet’s rainforests.
2019, with Saentys
Web Design, App Design, Strategy, UX  

Original website

The Pitch

At current, it is virtually impossible for corporations and major brands to truly measure their impact on the world's rainforests. Starling Verification provides a solution, using satellite forest monitoring provided by Airbus to show a historic record and real-time updates on the conditions of rainforests. This allows companies to see if their policies are making a real impact, and to empower them to work meaningfully alongside their suppliers to protect rainforest cover.

For this project, Starling Verification wanted to see their current website revamped to highlight the benefits of their services and position themselves as market leaders. We included a case studies and newsroom section, vital for reinforcing Starling as thought leaders in their field, and created visuals for an engaging design.

The pitch was ultimately unsuccessful due to budget and timescales, but the overall presentation and designs produced were hugely successful.

Pitch concept

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