Vintners Place

Vintners Place is a landmark riverside office building. Featuring an exclusive gym and swimming pool for sole-use of occupiers, a breathtaking rooftop terrace with views to St. Paul's Cathedral and an onsite Reformation Coffee Bar, Vintners Place provided a rare opportunity for businesses looking for a Central London headquarters.

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Web Design

The Project

Recently refurbished and with additional office floors available for leasing (upon end of tenancy for existing clients), the client wanted the Vintners Place website to be expanded from a one-pager to a multi-page website in order to order to emphasise the building's unique offerings and ability to serve as an HQ base for businesses. Vintners Place was also facing competition from newer commercial builds in the area that boasted increased energy efficiency and mixed-use leasing.

The previous website ︎︎︎ focused purely on leasing and technical information for the building, so we identified an opportunity to elevate the website and open it up for use by tenants. To this end, we suggested redesigning the website to focus on 2 key views:

  1. The website as a promotional tool for the leasing agents; promoting brand awareness and availability status for Vintners Place.
  2. The website as a reference for tenants (prospective and current), with the addition of the Location and What's On pages, which highlight both the corporate and cultural importance of the building's location.


We kicked off the project with content organisation and wireframing. With our in-house knowledge of the leasing market, we were already familiar with the intricacies of commercial leasing and what the Southbank location could offer commercial tenants. This allowed us to leap straight into hi-fidelity wireframes.

The homepage focuses on the overall Vintners Place experience, highlighting the onsite services which make it an ideal HQ building, whilst the Availability page walked prospective tenants through the workday experience from reception to office, and finishing with the technical info. The goal of the wireframes was to cement the overall narrative. Leading into the next round of design copywriting was tweaked further and the page structures were further improved upon.

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Although we did not measure metrics for success for this project by way of web traffic or lead generation, we did receive positive feedback from our clients who enjoyed the website and noted it was well-received by stakeholders. In addition, we received new project enquiries off the back of Vintners Place.


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