Jessica Brown | Digital Designer

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Pickering Interfaces manufacture and design electronic switching and instrumentation. Using the Evance platform to manage their massive catalogue of PXI, LXI, and PCI applications, Pickering needed a fully responsive website that would allow users to navigate their site with absolute ease.

Completed: 2015  —  Role: Lead Designer  —  Type: Web Design  —  Agency: Azexis

One of the aims of this project was to refresh Pickering’s brand and online presence with a website that would strengthen their reputation. Through Evance, Pickering’s website is now able to supply multilingual content and serve their international employees and customers all through one website and one design.

With customers in mind, detailed category filtering and information-packed product pages were designed to ensure users could find the parts they needed effectively.

Built into Evance, we designed and developed a Compare Products feature to highlight the key technical features, useful for comparing products within a series. 

Finding the latest version of a product with multiple configurations was a concern for customers, so we opted for a product update feature, which would alert users to the latest version available for purchase.