Musée d'ethnographie de Genève

Renowned as one of the most important ethnographic museums in Switzerland, we were tasked with redesigning the website.

Web Design




The Project

This project had a number of constraints I had to work within:
  1. all designs must fit within a 940px grid, per Ville de Genève web guidelines (at the time)
  2. all designs must work within the existing website structure, which is hardcoded
  3. all designs must retain the original Ville de Genève header and footer banners, which are used across their sub domains to link back to the city's website.

These constraints made for an interesting challenge, where we worked with developers to produce an updated style guide to improve MEG's digital experience, as well as presented fresh designs that could easily be applied to the existing site structure. We introduced a new hierarchy of information to the site, separating top-level navigation from page specific sub-levels, and incorporated a new methodology for concise calls to action across the site.

Amongst their chief concerns of the website being difficult to search and navigate, MEG wanted their redesign to be more engaging and dynamic, whilst working around existing content and photography.

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