Orbital design system

New and improved look for standing orders and direct debits.

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A design system is more than a collection of library files.

In 2022 I moved into TSB’s Analysis & Design department, took on ownership of the Orbital design system and positioned myself as the design system expert in residence.

My role within the team expanded beyond just the scope of the design system, into finding opportunities to push

A toolkit for success

Partly covered in Design system migration, moving to a shiny, new tool also gave us the space to audit what we currently had, and what wasn’t working about it.

Common complaints designers we had were with components not behaving as expected, and needing to be detached and manipulated individually as a result.

So I ran an audit and talked to our engineering contacts to identify key screens which were either
  • componentised already in the app (i.e. full height error screens)
  • core entry points we tended to repeat across journeys

From there, I created a suite of page templates. This enabled us to work with increased efficiency and accuracy, as designers weren’t wasting time tracking down the incremental changes that had happened to the Home screen since the last mobile release — now they only needed to accept the library update.